«Today effectful managers need to convince employees, colleagues, customers and even supervisors

to gaining their contribution. This rarely has only to do with facts, but primarily with emotions, attitude and enthusiasm. We call this 'Emotional Intelligent Leadership'.»


Causing impact

  • St. Gallen management concept as the base
  • Complemented by practice proven methods
  • Strongly influenced by behavioral economics

Spreading enthusiasm

  • Unique Training methods mix
  • Innovative combined approaches
  • Inspirational facilitated

Our mission: «We make the world a better working place»

The new spirit Institute, founded in 2014, advises, trains, and coaches executives in the art of leadership, business development, customer management, and self leadership. For implementing our mission "we make the world a better working place", we draw on the experience of about twenty years in various management positions. We have worked in countless projects for well-known international companies. As management and leadership lecturers we have reached thousands of executives. We see ourselves as unconventional, highly adaptable and inspiring partners of our customers who convey and apply St. Gallen’s management concepts and behavioral economics in a surprising, practical and easy-to-implement way.